Ralph Gibson

One of the most famous American art photographers. Master of an abstract minimalism. Author of more than a dozen books and photo albums. He was lucky to learn from such legendary artists as Dorothea Lange and Robert Frank. Today Ralph Gibson is a living legend himself. When estimating his contribution to the world of art, he is often compared to Kazimir Malevich.

Published in DFOTO, №4, 2008.


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of simple things

I don’t pay any attention to the praise. If I did, I would be obliged to pay attention to those who say my work is not good. I’m really not interested in either of them. I’m interested in making it for myself and getting satisfaction. For every person who loves your works there’re probably two who don’t.

What would be your recommendation to the amateur photographers?

Study the history of art. You can learn everything about photography in three months. But if you study the history of art you have 25 thousand years of recorded history. Become cultured. Learn music, learn architecture, and learn languages, theater, dance.

Interviewed by Denis Galushka

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